A Roku 3 streaming player has replaced my DirecTV

A few weeks back I shut off my DirecTV service and I haven't looked back. Upon realizing how much satellite TV service cost and that I rarely, if ever, watched it, I decided it was time to try streaming as my prime delivery method. The Roku 3 came highly recommended.

I plugged the $99 Roku unit right into my former DirecTV's HDMI cable and was immediately off to the races. Setting up my Netflix and Amazon Instant accounts was a breeze. Picture quality is terrific, at 720p and 1080p. The device itself is pretty responsive and doesn't spend a lot of time between menus or switching "channels."

"Channels" are how Roku organizes content. The Netflix channel loads just like an app and I can page through all the same features and search options as on the AppleTv, iPad, iPhone or webpage. I haven't tried any of the independently available channels yet, as I am very happy with the content available through Roku's catalog. I've been told there is a very, very wide range of stuff available independently.

It has been over a month. The only downside to this transition has been the hundreds of calls from DirecTV failing to woo me back with expensive offers.

Roku 3 streaming player