Kevin Mack's new 3D printed sculptures

My friend Kevin Mack will be in an upcoming art show at PS Zask Gallery to exhibit his mind-bending 3D printed sculptures.

My sculptures are created digitally using a variety of tools and processes. They are then produced as 3D printed objects in nylon and bronze. I also create high resolution computer renderings of them, which are like simulated photographs. These are produced as 2D digital prints on a variety of surfaces.

Recently I created a simulation of the nylon material used in 3D printing.
The image above is a "physically based" computer rendering of my sculpture, "Frank's Flowing Self Awareness". Notice the scattering of the light through the translucent nylon material. In computer graphics, this property is called sub-surface scattering (SSS).

The concept behind all this is the dissolution of traditional boundaries through technology. I'm making art that is simultaneously 2d, 3d, sculpture, painting, photography, photorealistic, abstract, real and virtual.

Here's a video of me interviewing Kevin last year: