Scotty Albrecht: new art show in Brooklyn with Damian Silver

NewImageDesigner/woodworker/typographer Scotty Albrecht has a new show of wood and paper works opening at Brooklyn's Colab Projects this Saturday, May 25. The show, titled "Wood & Pulp," is a two person exhibition that pairs Albrecht with Damion Silver. Both artists are inspired by handcrafting techniques and masterfully employ found objects in their work. I'm fortunate to have two of Albrecht's pieces in my home, including the wood heart/hands seen here, and they bring me great joy every day. Above, wood (left) and paper (right) pieces by Albrecht; at right, a wood mandala by Silver. Wood & Pulp runs until June 23. "Wood & Pulp: New Works By Damion Silver and Scotty Albrecht"