Crowdfunding campaign for Soylent "default meal" product wildly successful, despite inherent grossness

Why, yes, a project called Soylent Corporation, promising a "default meal product" called Soylent, did just raise a quarter million bucks: crowdfunding is also made of people.

* Correction: an earlier version of this post erroneously stated that the campaign was on Kickstarter. "It was actually rejected by Kickstarter, they specifically forbid nutritional supplements and energy drinks in their guidelines," Andy Baio tells us.

** Update: And Ajay Mehta of Crowdtilt, the crowdsourcing tool used for this project, says: "Just to further clarify, the Soylent page is actually one of the first campaigns to launch on Crowdhoster, our new open-source tool for putting up a Kickstarter-esque page. Soylent went with us because Crowdhoster is totally open and customizable (e.g. they were able to put the page on their own domain)."