Fully functional Apple-1 from 1976 sold for almost $700K

The Apple-1. Photo: apple2history.org.

One of the first Apple computers, a fully functional model built in 1976, has been sold for a record 516,000 Euros (about USD $668,000). From the AP's account:

German auction house Breker said Saturday an Asian client, who asked not to be named, bought the so-called Apple 1, which the tech company's founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak built in a family garage. Breker claims it is one of only six known remaining functioning models in the world. Breker already sold one last year for 492,000 euros.

The unit has Steve Wozniak's signature, and a business transaction letter from Steve Jobs was included in the auction. When the Apple 1 debuted in 1976, it sold for $666 and consisted of just the circuit board. You had to buy the case, keyboard, and screen separately.

Here's the link at the Breker auction house website for the 2012 sale.

Photo: Breker auction house.