Gweek 096: Dave Finkel and Kevin Mack

In this episode of Gweek, I talked to Dave Finkel and Kevin Mack.

Kevin Mack is a pioneering digital artist and Academy Award winning visual effects designer. Kevin also uses science and technology to make psychoactive abstract art. His work is currently featured in the "Imagined Realities in New Media" exhibit at the PS Zask Gallery in Southern California.

Dave Finkel is a Los Angeles based TV comedy writer. He’s currently an Executive Producer on the Fox comedy, New Girl starring Zooey Deschanel. His past credits include 30 Rock, United States of Tara and Just Shoot Me!

Here's what we talked about:

Rayman Jungle Run: addictive game for iOS and Android

Inkodye: Amazing sunlight sensitive dyes

Foldify: Fun paper craft iPad app for kids

Melon: Kickstarter for an EEG neurofeedback transmitting headband

Nanoflowers: Beautiful microscopic flower sculptures

Deep Learning: The next stage of neural networks

Cloud Face: Computers seeing faces in clouds

Chris Bathgate: Sculptor

HUMN Wallet: Two flat metal plates with an elastic band around them. Your stuff gets sandwiched between.

: Aggressively grainy pixel art of monsters and robots. Excellent DIY vinyl stickers.

The New Disruptors podcast
: Glenn Fleishman's fantastic interview podcast about the end of organizational advantage.

And more!


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