Here's that Beastles album you've been waiting for!

Last weekend, I let you know that a new Beastles album was forthcoming from djBC, who was reprising his mid-2000s project to mash up the Beatles and the Beastie Boys, which disappeared thanks to legal threats from EMI. Now, djBC writes,

The third and final Beastles album, Ill Submarine, is now out. 20 songs mashing the Fab Four with the B-Boys.

Some folks seem to be discovering this stuff for the first time, which is cool. I guess that makes sense- its been about 9 years since the first album came out- 2004! and 6 or 7 years since "Let It Beast." It seems like ages ago.

For those who are catching up, Silence Seven from is kindly hosting the first two albums of Beastle mixes as well.

Dedicated to the memory of Adam Yauch.

I've been listening to this all week now. I suggest starting with No Sleep Til the Sun Comes Up, Brrthday and Twist That Train.

The Beastles : Ill Submarine

(Thanks, djBC!)