Mobilis in Mobili

Two months of life with Nemo. I can barely remember what it was like before.

Living with a Great Pyrenees is a wonderful thing. Nemo at 6-7 months is already a giant, cuddly, well-behaved member of the household. Sometimes, however, he remembers to be a puppy and then you get taught harsh lessons in the transference of kinetic energy.

Nemo is the buddy-clown. He's already my daughter's favorite snuggle-pal for TV. I've been working on his obedience training and am beyond impressed with the speed he figures things out. If you pay him in a treat he'll figure out almost anything in 2-3 tries.

We've been camping, to dog parks, kindergarten graduation and jazz-by-the-bay. Nemo draws a crowd!

If you're NorCal resident and interested in a Great Pyr I highly suggest contacting the Great Pyrenees Rescue of Northern California. They placed Nemo here with me and have PLENTY of other dogs who need homes. Here is the story of how Nemo's mother and his entire litter were found and rescued. Poor Nemo was one of the 3 puppies who got really sick!

I'm in love!

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