Snowden may never have gone to Russia

The BBC reports that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says that Edward Snowden has not entered Russia at all — but he and the rest of the country are mighty resentful of all the US officials who've been claiming that he was kidnapped by Russian authorities. Wikileaks says they know where Snowden is, and that he never went to Russia in the first place.

Meanwhile, saber-rattling American politicians are claiming that the big risk from Snowden is that he's had his laptop spirited away by foreign spies and the "four laptop harddrives" copied before it was returned. Apparently, none of these politicos have heard of whole disk encryption, and missed the bit when the story of Snowden's identity broke where Glenn Greenwald described the fact that he only logged into his laptop with a blanket covering him and it, so no one could video-record his keystrokes with a hidden camera.

"We are in no way involved with either Mr Snowden, his relations with US justice, nor to his movements around the world," Mr Lavrov said.

"He chose his itinerary on his own. We learnt about it… from the media. He has not crossed the Russian border.

"We consider the attempts to accuse the Russian side of violating US laws, and practically of involvement in a plot, to be absolutely groundless and unacceptable."

Edward Snowden has not entered Russia – Sergei Lavrov

(via Hacker News)