Introducing Boing Boing BBS, our new forums

This morning we announced that we were saying "goodbye" to Disqus comments and "hello" to Discourse, a fantastic new forum system from Jeff Atwood and company. Now the time's come to flip the switch! Go check out right away.

How does it differ from what we had before? Read this earlier post, first, which covers the basics.

The tl;dr: Threads at the forum will be automatically generated when we post, and the best comments will appear on posts just as they do now used to. Editors and moderators will hand-pick some, whereas a mysterious algorithm will promote others. Be sure to read the Community Guidelines.

You can create threads of your own, too, and enjoy all the fancy new features that Discourse–a completely open-source platform–affords.

Discourse and our designers have got lots planned, too, so expect to see plenty of tweaks and changes in the coming days and months. And don't be shy about telling us what you like, what you don't like, and what features you'd like to see added (or removed!).

Boing Boing BBS, our new forums