Witch Doctor 2: like Doctor Who for the occult, full of glorious monsters and demons

Back in 2012, I reviewed the first collected edition of Witch Doctor, a delightfully demented comic about a metaphysician who fights incipient Cthulhuism with a cadre of weird assistants and an arsenal of amazing magical artifacts.

The second collection, Mal Practice, was published earlier this month, and is the epitome of following strength with strength. The second volume has everything I loved about book one — witty dialog, ghastly creeps from the netherhells, grotesque fight-scenes, and the monster-as-hero thing I've loved since I was a kid — but more, more, more!

Witch Doctor is a kind of Doctor Who for daemonism and the occult. Its creators are clearly just getting started on the possibilities of the setup, and I'm happy to follow them wherever they go. If you're looking for a new, light, spooky comic to spend the summer with, look no further.

Witch Doctor, Vol. 2: Mal Practice