Boing Boing co-sponsoring the Robot Film Festival in SF!

The 3rd annual Robot Film Festival is coming to San Francisco this weekend and Boing Boing is proud to be a media sponsor! This Saturday and Sunday (July 20-21), come explore the relationship between humans and robots through a series of film showings, live performances, and a day-long film workshop.

Here's why Robot Film Festival is a must see:

• It takes place in Bot & Dolly's incredible robotic camera equipment workshop
• BeatBots, maker of the adorable Keepon robot, is organizing the event this year
Famed comedy robot Data is getting a new sidekick, Scotty
• Robots, people dressed as robots, people doing the robot, robots filming movies, robots robots robots!

Obviously it's bound to be a blast. Come welcome the Robot Film Festival to San Francisco with us!

Tickets available on Kickstarter
Robot Film Festival

UPDATE: Kickstarter finished successfully! You can still get tickets on EventBrite.