Nine minute Breaking Bad supercut (spoilers!) and "Betting Bad," online game to speculate outcomes


The AMC dramatic series Breaking Bad returns on August 11 for its final episodes, and Boing Boing video collaborator Joe Sabia has built a very cool project for trufans to enjoy. Above, "9 Minute Breaking Bad," a supercut of every Breaking Bad episode to date.

I did this with my childhood friend Paul Gulyas, and it was our first recap since Seven Minute Sopranos 6 years ago.

We did this to promote, a website me and some friends made that lets everyone bet on what they think will happen in the final season of Breaking Bad, collect points throughout the season on correct bets, and compete with friends and strangers. It's like a Fantasy Sports experience for TV dramas.

Game Trailer video for Betting Bad is below. I can't wait to play.