Alan Moore on crowdfunding, surveillance, and disconnecting


(photo by Matt Biddulph)

Alan Moore, mage and comic master, recently talked to Salon's Scott Thill about crowdfunding and other matters. Moore and Mitch Jenkins kickstarted their film project, "His Heavy Heart" and it just ended with £60,788 raised, £20k higher than their goal. Moore:

The Internet is changing everything, but I wouldn't yet want to say for good or ill. I suspect, as ever, that it will be an admixture of both. But we are all along for the ride, even those people like me who do not have Internet connections, mobile phones or even functioning televisions. I'm slowly disconnecting myself. Basically, it's a feeling that if we are going to subject our entire culture to what is an unpredictable experiment, then I'd like to try to remain outside the petri dish. [Laughs] It's only sensible to have somebody as a control.

Alan Moore: The revolution will be crowd-funded