Briefcase transforms into table, stool and lamp

Tyrone Stoddart's "Boxed" is a design for a desk, chair and desklamp that collapse down into a small briefcase. What appears, at first, to be a case-worth of sticks and assorted oddments transforms into furniture with a remarkably few steps:

The concept of BOXED is not only to be an incredible useful and functional piece of furniture but also to educate the customer about ash dieback and the use of materials in all their products. With this in mind, a small pouch of ash seeds is given to the consumer to go out and re-plant to ensure that there is an understanding of the problem of dieback but also to replenish the materials that have been used in this project.

At 2:36, this video is still admittedly overlong and cries out for timelapse (seen a guy screw one stick into another, seen 'em all), but the overall effect is worth the watch.


(via OhGizmo)