Yarrly: free, anonymous remixed image-sharing app for Android

Dave sez, "Yarrly is an anonymous, remixable two-panel meme generator for Android. Users can make a Yarrly, and then it becomes as public as they make it by where they chose to share it. It's entirely anonymous – there are no profiles or login. Where it gets interesting is any Yarrly can be remixed by anyone who sees it – they can open the existing Yarrly on their phone, change up the images and text and send that on. It means you end up with remixes upon remixes as a meme morphs and changes as it builds. It's predictably dominated by cats during launch but it's a lovely little experiment in no-social and builds on the creators love of memes and remix culture. It was built in London over the last few months by Dave Ganly & Holly Clarke in their spare time."


(Thanks, Dave!)