This Day in Blogging History: Super-rich tax-cheats hide $21 trillion; Racist cop uses terror law to seize disabled mixed-race kid; Michael Jackson says "Don't jail pirates!"

One year ago today

$21 trillion has been stashed in tax havens by 0.001% of the world's population: $21 trillion has been squirrelled away in offshore tax-havens by 90,000 super-rich tax-cheats (0.001% of the world's population). The crime was abetted by a network of "enablers" from banks like UBS, Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs.

Five years ago today

Racist cop uses UK Terrorism Act to detain mixed-race family and take away their disabled child: As the family approached the chunnel entrance, they were stopped by the policeman, who sent for reinforcements. Police surrounded the car and detained the family under the Terrorism Act.

Ten years ago today
Michael Jackson: Don't jail music downloaders: "I am speechless about the idea of putting music fans in jail for downloading music. It is wrong to download, but the answer cannot be jail."