Gallery: The Last Day of Comic-Con

Functional weapons are forbidden on the San Diego Comic-Con show floor. Most attendees, however, are sensible enough not to bring them: this dagger was the only item currently being held at Weapons Check when Boing Boing stopped by. "Just use common sense," said one security staffer, summing up their policy. Photo: Rob Beschizza

A limited new edition of Anthony Ausgang's "Bomb Cat" sculpture was soon sold out on the convention floor. Photo: Rob Beschizza

At Kid Robot's Comic-Con booth, passers-by scrawled chalk designs on a gigantic model of Dunny. Photo: Rob Beschizza

Boing Boing editor Cory Doctorow picks out a gift for his young daughter at San Diego Comic-Con. Photo: Heather Beschizza

A Boba Fett figurine weds entirely different strands of American popular culture at San Diego Comic-Con. Photo: Heather Beschizza

A cosplayer at San Diego Comic-Con, after taking a break in the crowded event hall, re-enters her Sonic the Hedgehog costume. Photo: Heather Beschizza

"By far the most uncanny and arresting cosplayer I've seen at any Comic-Con," wrote Cory, about this masked Ron Jeremy-a-alike. Photo: Cory Doctorow

Many attend San Diego to get a chance to meet their favorite celebrities, artists and writers. Photo: Rob Beschizza

San Diego Comic-Con is no joke, with an estimated attendance of more than 130,000 and a local economic impact of $165m in 2012. Photo: Pat Loika

Religious picketers did their best to take advantage of the youthful throngs at San Diego Comic-Con. Some delivered fiery speeches denouncing convention-goers as being 'dressed like whores', while others took a more subtle approach. Photo: Cory Doctorow

Not every costume at Comic-Con is based upon a mythological character or superhero. Photo: Rob Beschizza

Natalie Grande, in costume as a valkyrie, takes a break from San Diego Comic-Con to grab a bite to eat and catch up on the outside world. Photo: Heather Beschizza

The Wicked Witch of the West, AKA Mistress Azrael, works her evil magic at San Diego Comic-Con. Photo: Heather Beschizza

Walking Dead artist and co-creator Tony Moore mugs for photographers with a fan at San Diego Comic-Con. Photo: Rob Beschizza

Chewbacca takes a moment out to grab a snack from the Star Wars Doggie Treat Bar at San Diego Comic-Con, July 2013. Photo: Bobby Prom

Photo: Folkhack Studios