The Bobber, a lightweight, affordable underwater GoPro grip for diving

I'm trying something new on my upcoming yearly dive trip to Catalina with the amazing, bay area dive shop Bamboo Reef. Sal, Bamboo's true expert on nearly all things diving, gently explained to me that if I had been using a GoPro Hero 3 to record my motorcycle trips, I had almost everything I needed to record stills and video while diving.

Yes, I was made to feel a little silly.

For dive trips, I usually carry a monstrously heavy, machined aluminum housing and two Inon Z-240 strobes for a Canon G9. I hate dragging it to the boat, I hate dragging it off the boat into the water. I hate using the thing. I might as well be swimming with a cinder block. The GoPro Hero 3 is tiny. Sal sold me a headstrap but use on my bike has shown me that placement with a GoPro is everything and I'm afraid mounting the camera on my forehead may not give me flexibility I want. So, I searched Amazon.

The Bobber is a floating handgrip that comes complete with a wrist lanyard. It should be exactly what I want. I doubt "floating" will make it uncomfortable and may make finding it (with the lanyard) more predictable.

I have found the Hero 3 Black has great resolution and is easy to use. It's simple, light and handy. Battery life is a bit crappy, so I bought a few extras and a charger. I also grabbed a red filter and a spare housing ($40, what can it hurt!). Hopefully I get some good video to share and maybe some useful experience!

The Bobber, floating GoPro grip