Spider Tank RC robot kits on Kickstarter

Jaimie Mantzel, creator of the Attacknid hexapod robot toys, is kickstarting a kit version that you build and decorate yourself. It looks like a really fun project, and there's an optional toolkit with soldering iron, screwdrivers, etc. The final robot is an RC attack-bot with all kinds of shooting stuff (darts, balls, etc) as well as a custom crane that isn't available for Attacknids. He needs a minimum order of 5,000 robot kits at $77 (and up, depending on options) to get into production.

Mantzel has also built a full-size, working spider tank out of scrap metal.

I have an agreement with the toy company, and factory that are building the original toys that if I can sell 5000, its a go. The factory will set up production of my version of the robots in a plain box with Adventure Builders symbol on it. Most of the parts are the same as the original toy parts. The armour is different, but even the molds for my armour were made before the toy company decided not to use them. Everything is there, and ready to go! Orders will ship in the order they're taken, so if you want yours early, be some of the first to order. I've even managed to negotiate minimal plastic bags inside the box. The factory wanted to bag every part in order to guarantee no scuff marks, but I told them that its a robotic vehicle! It should have scuff marks! ….and nobody wants a pile of plastic bags to throw out. Only the smaller internal parts will be bagged so they don't get lost. We're using as much recycled plastic in the parts as we can without weakening them. That was one reason to use black as the main body colour. Black can take more recycled material without problems.

The Greatest Toy KIT in the Universe! Spider Tank Mark 6

(Thanks, DavidF!)