This Day in Blogging History: Eagle Scout protest letters; Loving photos of cities; Anti-WiFi FUD

One year ago today

Eagle Scouts make a Tumblr for protest letters: I am not proud to be affiliated with an organization that excludes people based on their sexuality. Many of my closest friends are gay, lesbian, or transgender and it pains me to think that I invested time in an organization that prohibits their membership. It's a shameful, bigoted policy.

Five years ago today

Loving city photos: Wired's current reader photo challenge is to send in pics of cityscapes that epitomize your town.

Ten years ago today
WashPo embarasses itself with hysterical WiFi FUD article: "In their darkest visions, consultants can imagine someone with a WiFi-enabled laptop walking through an airport launching a destructive computer virus at every other unprotected laptop in the vicinity, because users who tap into a vulnerable network are just as exposed as its host.