This Day in Blogging History: NBC's never heard of TBL; Rubik's Cube lubricant; Mythtv for the rest of us

One year ago today

Olympics 2012 opening ceremony honors Tim Berners-Lee, but NBC anchors don't know who he is: "Tim being Englishman Tim Berners-Lee… if you haven't heard of him, [laugh], we haven't either." — Meredith Vieira, derping out with Matt Lauer during the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics.

Five years ago today

Lubricant for Rubik's Cube: "an incredible lubricant specially formulated for the cube and other mind-boggling puzzles that move."

Ten years ago today
mythtv HOWTO: Linux PVRs for the rest of us: mythtv is a brilliant piece of open sourse software that ties together a TV tuner card, a Linux-based PC, and free Internet listings services to build a high-powered PVR, like a TiVo with far more bells and whistles.