Meet Glass, Lewis and Co., the company that got a food truck employee fired for offending them on Twitter

Unbelievably spiteful behavior, just as you'd expect from the sort of company whose employees leave $0 tips on $170 sandwich orders.

Two days later, I got a text from the owner asking if I was free to talk on the phone at some point. We spoke later that afternoon. He told me that he'd gotten a call from the company, Glass, Lewis & Co. The company provides shareholder advisory services. Apparently, those employees were mortified that their lunch truck had tip-shamed them—the home office in San Francisco even got involved.

And it was unfortunate but he was going to have to let me go. The company has a way of doing things and he thought I'd understood that. I had embarrassed him and the company and that was that.

The food truck apologized to the customers on Twitter, and Glass, Lewis accepted that apology.

I understand why he had to be fired, but can you imagine working at the kind of company that would publicly accept a food truck's apology? They wanted their magnanimity known, in the matter of the food truck that was so very wrong about expecting tips.