My workflow in the WSJ

I'm profiled in today's Wall Street Journal, where they asked me about the tools I use to be productive, safe and happy on the road and at home.

Airport Wi-Fi is costly, slow and often heavily censored. I get around this by setting up my Android phone to share its cellular data connection as a Wi-Fi hot spot. Some wireless carriers around the world block this capability, but EasyTether ( ) circumvents this. Airports also often employ censorware and snoopware, which arbitrarily block websites and services, including, at times, my own site, as well as massive sites like Tumblr, based on the judgment of unaccountable censors who rate websites as "safe for airports" and "not safe for airports." To beat this, I rely on a proxy service called iPredator ( ), which routes my connection through an uncensored server in Sweden.