Haunted Mansion-themed wedding

Back in 2010, Jason and Melissa — a pair of haunters who got engaged in their Hallowe'en front-yard haunt — had an amazing Haunted Mansion-themed wedding, with elaborate props and keepsakes and centerpieces, each finer than the last. Naturally, they held the wedding at the Forest Lawn Cemetery chapel, a Gothic confection; and they served a 3D Haunted Mansion wedding-cake.

The guests' dining tables at the reception were round with a purple tablecloth topped with a matching one of black lace layered over it. Chairs were slipcovered in white with a large black sash tied around the chairbacks. Melissa made purple floral centerpieces surrounding candelabras for each table, while Jason and his friends cut 2"thick styrofoam into the shape of the Hitchhiking Ghosts from the Mansion . These were painted, made to stand, and used as directional signs to point the way to the reception.

Melissa and Jason sat on a dais at a table with candelabras and small tombstones randomly placed. The pennant bunting along the front was modeled after bunting seen under a coffin in the Mansion, in the scene where boney hands inside a coffin try to push open the coffin lid. The portable backdrop behind the Bride and Groom's Table was designed with homemade purple Haunted Mansion-style wallpaper and copies of Haunted Mansion art work, including a "Tomb Sweet Tomb" stitched sampler.

Midnight in the Garden of Evil: A Haunted Mansion Wedding

(via Mouse in Mansion)