Charlie Jane Anders's sf story, "Victimless Crimes"

The Mary Sue has reprinted Charlie Jane Anders's amazing sf story "Victimless Crimes," originally published in this month's Apex Magazine. Anders is one of the editors at IO9 and is a talented sf writer:

Teri Lewis was obsessing about her sister's bad marriage and the president's latest compromise, so she barely listened to Flo's improvised song about pandas and dandelions, coming from the stroller in front of her. Maybe if she'd known this would be the last time she'd ever hear her baby sing, she'd have stopped to relish the moment: the sun perched between two clouds, her baby in a pink–dragon onesie and the birds and street noises harmonizing with Flo's almost–nonsense chanting.

Teri pushed the stroller into the crosswalk at 18th and Guerrero, and just barely noticed a truck leaping through the intersection, on the memory of a yellow light. She pulled the stroller back towards the curb so fast she missed the ramp. The stroller's wheels thump–thumped back onto the sidewalk, and it nearly tipped over, thanks to a rickety three–wheeled design. Teri leaned over Flo and make sure her fighter–pilot straps were still secure, and Flo gave Teri a Clara Bow smile.

The Mary Sue Presents: "Victimless Crimes" by Charlie Jane Anders