Audiobook memoir of Disney Imagineering legend Rolly Crump: More Cute Stories

Jeff sez, "After the success of It's Kind Of A Cute Story, Disney Legend Rolly Crump's memoir, Bamboo Forest Publishing is proud to announce the release of More Cute Stories, Volume 1: Disneyland History (CD/MP3). This high-quality recording includes nearly fifty minutes of all new stories about Disneyland that weren't included in the book, told by Rolly himself. No one can tell a tale quite like Rolly, so we decided that having the man himself actually tell you these brand new stories was the best way to preserve them!"

I'm getting a review copy of this and I'm really excited; Crump is an amazing raconteur and was part of some of the critical moments in themepark history.

The Imagineers, those men and women who helped Walt Disney bring his creations to life, have achieved legendary status among theme park enthusiasts. One of the most beloved Imagineers is Rolly Crump, whose work can be seen not only in Disney Parks, but also in other theme parks, casinos, and cultural centers worldwide. Rolly was instrumental in designing some of Disney's most famous attractions, including the '64 New York World's Fair pavilions, it's a small world, The Enchanted Tiki Room , and many more. Even More Cute Stories focuses on Rolly's time at Disneyland, and includes nearly an hour's worth of anecdotes about the creation of the park and the people who built it, including previously unheard stories about Walt Disney himself.

"We received a lot of requests for an audio version of Rolly's book," says Bamboo Forest Publishing's founder, Leonard Kinsey. "If you've ever seen him speak at an event, you'd understand why – he's hilarious, charismatic, and extremely engaging. But getting him to record the entire book would have taken months, and we all agreed that his valuable time would be much better spent recording stories that hadn't already been documented. So what we ended up with here is not only historically important, but massively entertaining. It's like having Rolly sitting in your living room, having a drink and reminiscing on old times."

More Cute Stories, Vol. 1: Disneyland History

(Thanks, Jeff!)