Kickstarting a movie about the moments before the singularity

Chris sez, "We are funding in post-production on I's, a film about the singularity through Kickstarter. The trailer is still a bit rough and is oriented toward mainstream audiences, but as an article on SingularityHub explains, we really are trying to take a thoughtful view of the subject. I have been tracking the singularity for a long time and very much wanted to make a film that fairly explores a singularity event that involves more than just brain uploading."

The film opens on a time in our near future when the first artificial intelligence wakes up. The story takes place over the last five days of our civilization as we know it, leading up to the Singularity – an utterly unknowable future in which there may be no place for us at all. We follow bike messenger Mason Turk as he faces the few final days of humanity's journey, and his choice between finding solace in the present or racing to reforge the only connection that has ever truly mattered to him.

The film moves from the urban streets of San Francisco through suburbia all the way to a pastoral community farm – and then pulls us back to the heart of the city. Along the way, it explores what it means when humans – the toolmakers – have invented our greatest tool: the device that can out-invent us.

The world of the film is similar to our present day, but our mobile phones have morphed into an interface known as the Third Eye, worn by everyone but the poorest among us. The Third Eye provides instant connection to the internet and each other – but it also alienates us, cocooning us in individual bubbles of reality. And while many of us remain wrapped up and unaware, the artificial intelligence carefully lays the groundwork for its successor to take over.

I's – A feature film set on the threshold of infinity

(Thanks, Chris!)