Cops accidentally record themselves admitting they harassed activist at rodeo owners' request: "God, we're gonna get sued"

An anti-rodeo/animal right activist was subjected to a blatantly illegal, harassing traffic stop after he was asked to leave an Oregon rodeo. How do we know it was illegal? Because the cops who stopped him forgot to turn off their own cameras and recorded themselves admitting that the rodeo (which is a major donor to the Malheur County Sheriff's Department) had demanded the traffic stop. The same cops who participated in the stop were previously at the center of a lawsuit that the county settled in which they were alleged to have fabricated evidence, so they've got form for this. Some dialog highlights:

I didn't want to stop the man.

God, we're gonna get sued.

We're gonna be in a world of hurt here.

All because of that rodeo board, you know that right?

Dammit I was still recording!

It's a pretty neat indication of why we should want transparency for the strong and privacy for the weak.