Russian Pastafarian parade disrupted by cops, Orthodox hooligans

Robbo sez, "Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster members who held a procession in Moscow were dispersed by riot police and Orthodox activists; some were detained for holding an 'unsanctioned rally.'

Best quote in the news post:

'We were detained for simply walking,' a message posted by another Pastafarian said. 'In particular, I was taken in for a sieve on my head.'

Russian Pastafarians announced a "pasta procession" in Moscow and St. Petersburg to celebrate the birthday of US actor Robert De Niro who played a character nicknamed "Noodles" in Sergio Leone's 1984 mafia drama Once Upon A Time In America, according to their web-posted statement.

However, Moscow authorities did not sanction the procession which was disrupted by riot police and activists with the God's Will Orthodox group headed by Dmitri Enteo, according to a message by Russian Pastafarians on a social networking website.

God's Will has held numerous rallies against Russian gays and the Pussy Riot punk rock band whose two members were sentenced to two years in jail for hooliganism last August.

8 'Pastafarians' Detained in Moscow During Unsanctioned 'Pasta Procession' [RIA Novosti]

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(Image: FSM Treats!, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from oskay's photostream)