Objects and sounds in a third grade classroom, remixed by students

Edgar Camago, aka DJ Overeasy, did an amazing Breaking Bad remix video we featured recently on Boing Boing. Edgar also teaches third grade at a school in San Francisco.

"My class recently created a song using nothing but objects and sounds found in the classroom or in school," Edgar says. And here's the resulting video.

"Any money made off of YouTube will be donated to my school," Edgar says.

He's on Facebook, and YouTube.

More about the video, below.

An Overeasy remix using audio and video samples of things that happen in my third grade classroom. The students wrote and performed all their own parts and even helped with filming, mic'ing, and some composition!

As part of my sell to the parents for letting me do this I decided it'd be a neat idea if I could give whatever sum — even if nominal — of money made from advertisements on YouTube to the school. The money would be used for this particular group of students' outdoor ed program. Our school is small and a lot of the funding for our field trips and activities come out of our parents' pockets or from fundraising.

In short: share, share, share! It gives me a chance to share my music and it helps out the kids a bit.

A few last things:

– Keep it civil in the comments. These are eight and nine year old kids. I really don't want to remove the comments section.

– Authorization forms were obtained for all of the students pictured in this video.

– Big shout out to our first grade teacher, Aly Pence, who helped the girls learn that chair dance (in one sitting!)

– Everything you hear is depicted in some shape or form in the video. I did edit the heck out of some sounds, but for the most part what you see is what you hear.

– It's tough having a day job and making these videos, but viewership makes it all worthwhile. Please like, comment, and subscribe.

– Feel free to leave ideas for remixes in the future. I'd love to take on some of your challenges!

Big thanks to all my students and their parents. Y'all gonna be rockstars this year in fourth. Go on and smash it!