Bar needs new human toe after mystery man consumes their mummified garnish

A bar in the Yukon needs to source a new human toe, because a patron ate the one they used to use as a cocktail garnish.

The sourtoe cocktail was legendary at the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City. Over 52,000 people have drunk cocktails garnished with toes at the bar, and were on notice that they faced a $500 fine if they swallowed the toe. But two weeks ago, a mysterious stranger stepped into the bar, ordered the sourtoe, drank it down, toe and all, plunked $500 on the bar, and walked out into the night.

Lee, who was toe overseer at the hotel on Saturday night, said the man approached his station near closing time, and paid his $5 "toe tax" to have the amputated artifact dipped into his glass of booze.

Lee recited the standard line spoken to all those willing to feel the big toe bump against their mouths: "You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow, but your lips must touch the toe."

The man drank it fast, slurped the toe into his mouth, and quickly grabbed his pint of beer and chugged, Lee recalled.

Yukon bar patron swallows famous sourtoe, pays fine, leaves town [Alex Ballingall/Toronto Star]

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(Image: Josh Martin)