'Aves del Valle,' by Armadillo: animated music video from Colombia

About this lovely video, which samples bits of Colombian folk culture — and the South American nation's flora and fauna! — into a trippy animated adventure:

Armadillo is a band that sprouted out of a creative coincidence in Valledupar, Colombia (the land of Vallenato). Mauricio Álvarez (Cero39) and Diego Maldonado (DeJuepuchas & La MiniTK del Miedo), met up with a bunch of local musicians in that town and started a jam session. The result, an album with 9 tracks, a musical journey through the sounds and timbres of vallenato, mixed with electronic and IDM beats and sequences.

The video centers around symbols and elements inherent to the culture and imaginarium of the Valle de Upar (later called Valledupar). Animals, colors and textures appear throughout the video undergoing change and evolve, as life does. 'It's a metaphor about culture in life' says RAMA, it's creator.

More about Armadillo here.

[Thanks, Diego Maldonado]