The DEA's paid perjurer

Andrew Chambers was a paid informant for the DEA from 1986 to 2000, says Brian Sonenstein of Just Say Now, a cannabis legalization organization. "During that time he collected more than $4 million from the federal government and gave false testimony at least 16 times during that time period."

AZCentral reports that Chambers was "featured in 2000 on the ABC News broadcast 20/20. He admitted giving false testimony about his criminal history, saying, 'I just lied about it. I didn’t think it was that important what I did.'”

Naturally, the DEA has "reactivated" Chambers.

Here's a petition you can sign to ask Congress to look into why the "DEA employs a discredited serial perjurer as a paid informant."

Here's Robert Arthur's comic about the origin of the DEA: