Kickstarting an open source hardware "machine shop in a box" - 3D printer/etcher/mill

"How do you improve upon 3D printers with multiple color heads? Members of the makerspace Artisan's Asylum have built what they're calling a 'microfactory' - a self-contained machine that etches circuitry, mills, and 3d-prints multi-color objects. Their kickstarter is only a week in, but they're going to need a lot of help if they're going to reach their very ambitious goal."

It's about $5K for a fully assembled/fully functional pre-order. As with all crowdfunding projects, be aware that there is no guarantee that this will ship and that you will get anything for your money. Caveat emptor. That said: wow.

Introducing the Microfactory: a networked, easy to operate, affordable, mess-free, quiet, safe and fully-enclosed machine capable of:

* printing functional parts in four colors or multiple materials
* AND computerized etching
* AND computer-controlled milling!

And check out some of the special features we've built in:

* Port for a shop-vac hose so the machine "cleans up after itself" while it runs
* Noise-reducing housing with safety-stop button
* Full on-board computer -- no separate hardware or software needed! Connect and control through any (wired) network.
* High-quality industry standard software built right in

The Microfactory: A machine shop in a box (Thanks, Scott!)