Toronto's Hacklab raising money to help it move into larger space

Nicholas sez, "Toronto's oldest hackerspace just turned 5 years old, and with about 50 active members (not to mention all the folks who attend workshops and events), we desperately need to move out of our 600 sq.ft. space into something larger. We've secured space, and plan to have a larger general-purpose 'lab' area, a kitchen/classroom area for holding workshops, and a modest shop area with heavy power tools. Having a larger space will let us accommodate all of our members, provide a place to house versatile tools and will simplify workshop logistics.

HackLab Toronto is a community space with a diverse membership, including artists, computer programmers, web designers, and hardware hackers. We collaborate on projects, hold free workshops for the community, promote STEM, and cook free vegan meals at our Tuesday night open-houses. Help us grow!"

Hacklab is a great space, often mentioned here. They're looking for CAD2,000. I've kicked in $50. They've got pretty badass tees! is Moving

(Thanks, Nicholas!)