Internet of Things Bill of Rights

Pt and Limor write,

The New York Times asked Adafruit's founder and engineer, Limor 'Ladyada' Fried to contribute to an article series called ROOM for DEBATE. We believe Internet of Things devices should all come with a well established expectation of what they will and will not do with consumer's data. In the article we put together the start of what we hope will help this effort: Minimizing Risk Is Easy: Adopt a Bill of Rights

We are inviting everyone to post comments here on the blog post or on the comments at the Google+ post. The document will live here once it's in a solid place and we'll ask other companies that make "Internet of Things" devices to sign on.

There are a few core principles:

· Open is better than closed; this ensures portability between Internet of Things devices.

· Consumers, not companies, own the data collected by Internet of Things devices.

· Internet of Things devices that collect public data must share that data.

· Users have the right to keep their data private.

· Users can delete or back up data collected by Internet of Things devices.

These are all reasonable consumer rights. Smart companies will adopt these as the standard, and open-source code and hardware will help keep abuses low and security strong when everything is connected to the Internet.

Minimizing Risk Is Easy: Adopt a Bill of Rights

(Thanks, Pt and Limor!)

(Image: FlyPort Ethernet Module, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from openpicus's photostream)