UK gov't wants to ban dirty words in UK domain names; tell them to #£@* off

Tony sez, "The UK Department for Culture, Media & Sport is supporting a review of the .uk domain name registration process, suggesting that restricting offensive words in .uk domain names will help to prevent abusive behaviour on the internet. Nominet has already done a great job of debunking why this is not an effective solution and is now seeking comments from the public."

It will therefore be apparent that Nominet has intentionally taken a non-restrictive approach to the words and phrases that may be used in a domain name. Nominet has historically not made any value judgement as to the use to which domains are put, or whether they might be offensive or in poor taste. This is also the practice adopted by other open registries such as .com, .eu and .org, and in many other ccTLDs. In some ccTLDs however, such as .ie (Republic of Ireland), there are naming policies which state that a domain name must not be offensive or contrary to public policy or generally accepted principles of morality. In .cn (China) there are restrictions on content, including pornography and gambling.

Nominet announces registration policy review (Thanks, Tony!)

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