The "cult" of trolls and how to deal with them

Greg Sandoval at The Verge writes about the Internet's indifferent amplification of rape threats and other unacceptable behavior from men. The conundrum is exemplified by Andrew "Weev" Auernheimer, whose stalking and defamation of one woman went unpunished, but who was eventually jailed for specious reasons that made him a cause celebré for internet freedom.

Aurora and other women’s advocates aren’t expecting much change in the current tech environment. They note most websites are operated by men and since few men experience harassment, there isn’t much empathy for this issue. There is also the likelihood that some in tech sympathize more with the abusers. A few victims of online harassment argue that a large section of the tech industry showed where its priorities were by embracing the Free Weev movement.

Sandoval calls them "angry young men", but I don't think this is fair to angry young men. Trolls are only incidentally angry. They're driven by narcissism. It's more about that--the internet-bound inner lives of skilful creeps--than anything that might be called a cult.

But he nailed the the problem: how do we get rid of them without supporting exclusionary systems likely to hurt them least of all?