Expanded "Welcome to Bordertown" audiobook, with Neil Gaiman, Steven Brust, Ellen Kushner and more

There's a new special-edition audiobook of Welcome to Bordertown, the YA reboot of the amazing, classic urban fantasy shared-world anthologies that practically invented the genre. The special edition includes lots of new material, such as Neil Gaiman's reading of his poem "The Song of the Song" and Steven Brust fronting a musical version of his "Run Back Across the Border" — there's lots more, and its all available as a DRM-free MP3CD.

I grew up on the Bordertown books and was delighted to be asked to contribute a story: Shannon's Law.

We've just brought out a new SPECIAL EDITION of the audiobook from Brilliance Audio, featuring:

* Original music throughout by Drew Miller of Boiled in Lead (one of the bands that inspired the original series), created just for this audiobook

* Neil Gaiman reading his poem 'The Song of the Song'

* Ellen Kushner reading all the other poems (including Jane Yolen's 'Soulja Grrrrl: a Long Line Rap' with beats laid down by Drew!), all scored with music by Drew Miller with singer Kari Tauring and violinist David Stenshoel

* Steven Brust singing lead vocals on a fully-produced track for his 'Run Back Across the Border,' backed by Drew Miller and Felonious Bosch

* Author Amal El-Mohtar's own setting of her poem 'Stairs in her Hair,'sung by her sister Dounya

Hear everything that made the original audiobook of WELCOME TO BORDERTOWN a 2012 Audie Award Finalist for Best Short Story Collection: stories read by the amazing team of MacLeod Andrews and Cassandra Campbell — plus a host of exciting extras!

WELCOME TO BORDERTOWN: New Stories and Poems of the Borderlands

(Thanks, Ellen!)