Vitamix: a wood-chipper for food

Barely Representational Reviews the Vitamix 6300 (aka the Food Wood-Chipper)

How good is the Vitamix 6300? It's so good it's earned a nickname in our family: the Food Wood-Chipper. It can handle anything. Is it the cheapest blender? No. Is it the best blender? Yes! If all you ever mix is the occasional frozen margarita, maybe you can get away with a cheapo blender. (No you can't. Ice will ruin most blender's blades, but the Food Wood-Chipper handles ice like a dream.)

There are juicers, which extract the juice but don't give you the fiber, and there are other blenders, which have sharp blades so you're always worried you'll cut yourself cleaning them. And then there's the Vitamix. It's also perfect for hiding vegetables to serve to your unsuspecting family.

It comes with a 345 page recipe book, with recipes for everything from soups and sauces to breads and breakfast. Of course, in my opinion the place where the Food Wood-Chipper really shines is smoothies. This thing can turn anything into a delicious smoothie.

If you're like me and could easily see yourself eating one or more meals a day through a straw, then do yourself a favor and get a Food Wood-Chipper.