Review of tiny Theta 360 panoramic camera

Jeffrey from 360 Cities sez, "I am one of the world's most obsessive and fanatical 360 photographers. So when this weird looking dual-fisheye Theta 360 Camera came out, I hunted high and low for how to get a sample in my hands as quickly as humanly possible.

Five days later, the fedex guy showed up with my camera…."

This thing is a futuristic little device that shoots completely spherical images with a button push. No alignment errors or stitching or any other stuff. What is amazing to me about this thing is that you can stick the camera inside things and shoot a totally spherical image – things that were totally impossible before are now *totally easy*. I made a panorama inside a bucket… even inside a beer glass while I was drinking it…

While the resolution could be higher, it is definitely a viable version 1 product. I'm really curious how this device will take off. As a 360 photographer, this thing is really interesting.

Theta 360 Review

(Thanks, Jeffrey!)