Sloppy iOS7 UI features immortalized as blog

Sloppy UI collects oddities and screwups in iOS7's new look.

We love Apple. We think this is the best way to point out what's not up to their standards so they can fix it. It's all about intellectual honesty, not trolling.

I'm finding iOS7 fine so far. It's also new, so some slack should be cut, because these issues surely will get fixed. In particular, the comparisons to Android are mistaken: iOS 7's superficial minimalism makes it more like Windows 8, where visual simplicity is applied to something whose underlying complexity remains as it was before. But whereas Windows 8 hides functionality in a way that makes finding important features annoying, iOS 7's new look tries to live with it.

While overlapping widgets are the most obvious problem, the little things are just as telling: inconsistent font sizes on the same line, tiny tap-targets immediately adjacent to large ones, and pale text against pale backgrounds. A lot about iOS7 is about what it looks like and feels like, not how it works.