Better way to organize kids' clothing departments

Ever since our daughter's birth, my wife Alice and I have found ourselves shopping the "boys" section of the department stores for things like pyjamas and tees and rubber boots, this being the only way to get stuff that isn't pink, covered in glitter, hypersexualized (you should see some of the nighties they make for three year old girls!) and generally lame. After the latest round of this, Alice got fed up and came up with a great suggestion for re-organizing kids' departments:

I would like to propose this cost-saving and socially positive exercise:

1. Ditch BOYS and GIRLS

2. Replace with ADVENTUROUS, HEROIC, FUNNY, CUTE, CLEVER, EDGY, CASUAL, SMART. Have unisex in both, with some specific options in girl or boy body cuts only where necessary (you'd be surprised how few there are, really, and it might get boys wearing leggings and such, which would be AWESOME).

Manufacturing costs: lowered. Shopping experience: more interesting. This is the sort of thing they could A/B test with the website so easily, too.

I had to go to the Boys' section to get Poesy these clothes