'Booms,' by Joe Sabia: a musical look back at the 1950s for Vanity Fair (video)

My friend and Boing-Boing-Video-on-Virgin-America-planes collaborator Joe Sabia was selected by Vanity Fair as one of ten directors (Judd Apatow, Don Cheadle, and Brett Ratner were among the others) to produce short videos that would each represent a decade in VF's "Decades" series. The video Joe directed features Lexy Hulme lipsyncing to Alfonso Velez. The title of their piece is "Booms", which Joe says "celebrates the booms of this decade, in a female-empowered type of way."

The song is original, created with Joe's CDZA team. He wrote lyrics, Michael Thurber composed/arranged, and Matt McCorkle mixed. Session musicians are all CDZA, too.

Joe, congratulations. It's beautiful.

A behind-the-scenes video is below.