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Boing Boing's interview with Breaking Bad's Science advisor

• A musical look at the 1950s, for Vanity Fair •

Two cool teen metalheads with an awesome band

• Dead Kennedys perform "Holiday In Cambodia" (1982)

Janis Joplin's final interview, animated • Back to the Future meets Knight Rider

• Baby lulz while asleep

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Satellite photo of that new "earthquake island" formed off the coast of Pakistan

Satellite images and animations here. More about the geological events that led to its formation here. Read the rest

The psychology of why we love to watch stressful shows like 'Breaking Bad'

Why do we subject ourselves to movies and TV shows that can be excruciating to watch? The answer may lie "in the emotional intensity these types of shows make us feel," which can result in greater happiness at the conclusion. TV So Good It Hurts. [a Scientific American guest blog] Read the rest

The brains of ballet dancers 'adapt to spins'

A study has found that the structure of ballet dancers' brains changes to allow them to perform pirouettes without feeling dizzy. [BBC News] Read the rest

'Booms,' by Joe Sabia: a musical look back at the 1950s for Vanity Fair (video)

My friend and Boing-Boing-Video-on-Virgin-America-planes collaborator Joe Sabia was selected by Vanity Fair as one of ten directors (Judd Apatow, Don Cheadle, and Brett Ratner were among the others) to produce short videos that would each represent a decade in VF's "Decades" series. The video Joe directed features Lexy Hulme lipsyncing to Alfonso Velez. The title of their piece is "Booms", which Joe says "celebrates the booms of this decade, in a female-empowered type of way." Read the rest

Predicting what happened after 'Breaking Bad' ended

An awesome fan-written epilogue for Breaking Bad by @pilotbacon over at TV Hangover. Spoilers. It's wonderful. [HT: Kevin McFarland] Read the rest

Middle school vice principal says students who made fun of him on social media guilty under CFAA, RICO

In Matot v. CH, et al, a middle school assistant principal named Adam Matot asked a court to find that two students who'd set up parody social media accounts mocking him had violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and when the court laughed that out the door, asked the court to find that the students had violated the RICO Act and were engaged in organized crime. Thankfully, the court understood that this was raw sewage disguised as legal theory [PDF] ("Congress did not intend to target the misguided attempts at retribution by juvenile middle school students against an assistant principal in enacting RICO.") and found for the kids. Here's some trenchant analysis from Venkat Balasubramani: Read the rest

Hand-lettered text messages

Designer Cristina Vanko has been using her father's old calligraphy pen to hand-letter her text messages. Here's what's she's learned from the experiment.

1) A phone isn't only a texting device.

2) People like to plan phone calls these days, rather than receive them randomly.

3) My personality shined through so well that one friend texted back "it's like you're here with us!"...but then she followed up a few messages later that "it's almost like you’re deaf and passing notes around in the room."

4) Having a pen and paper is handy at all times.

Read the other 8 things she's learned Read the rest

Northern Soul documentary

BBC Two just aired a great episode of its program The Culture Show about Northern Soul, the Mod music subculture that took off in northern England in the early 1970s around obscure American soul 7" records of the late 1960s. Above, you can watch the documentary, titled Northern Soul - Keep the Faith. And don't miss The Culture Show's Paul Mason's excellent BBC News essay about the scene, including a great Northern Soul playlist. Get up, get up to get down. "Northern Soul: 40 years of the sound of Wigan Casino" Read the rest

Johnny Cash portrait by Drew Friedman

Johnny Cash died ten years ago this month. In honor of the man in black, my favorite portrait artist Drew Friedman has released this lovely, limited-edition fine art print. Johnny Cash by Drew Friedman Read the rest

Man has replacement nose on his forehead

Chinese surgeons constructed a replacement nose on a patient's forehead to replace his own that was injured. It will eventually be moved to the center of the man's face. This may look unusual but it surprisingly is fairly common practice. "The forehead is a traditional place to get extra tissue from to rebuild a nose," says Shehan Hettiaratchy, Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS, who the BBC quoted as an expert on the matter. "The skin from there is a good match for nose skin. Most importantly, the forehead skin can be moved to the nose and keep its blood supply, which is essential otherwise the skin would die." This reminds me of body artist Stelarc's ear on his arm. Read the rest

Sponsor Shout-Out:

I want to thank for sponsoring Boing Boing. You might be aware that I love their Blackwing 602 pencil. Recently introduced a new Blackwing model: the Pearl. I have to say this is my favorite Blackwing yet. The graphite is ever-so-slightly softer than the 602, making a rich dark line with very little pressure. It's perfect!

My daughters swiped the 12-pack of Pearls I ordered, and I had to get another. I'm asking my wife to buy me a gross for my birthday.

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Blockbusters dominate game business

Even as a culture of independent publishing explodes beneath it, the big business of video games is increasingly dominated by massively-capitalized blockbusters. Nick Wingfield, with the NYT: (Paywall)

Big video game makers, like their cousins in books and music, have scrambled in recent years to adapt to the digital technologies buffeting their business. Tens of millions of people now play games on smartphones and tablets, usually for a sliver of the cost of playing on a game console. But one part of the games business is thriving as never before: the blockbuster.

Just like the movies! And it's not just the scale: it's the taste. Read the rest

Climate change and the point of no return

Eric Holthaus reports on the aftermath of last week's climate change report, which found that anthropogenic causes are almost certainly behind global warming.

Without jumping up and down on the desks of their computer terminals, this forum of scientists has done about as much as they can do. With this report, they have proven humankind’s impact on the climate, and confidently projected dire consequences should world governments fail to act immediately.

Read the rest

The Nakagin Capsule Tower

I would totally live in Japan's 1972 Pod Hotel. Read the rest

A Ripple in the online payment waters

Robert McMillan on Bitcoin "maverick" Jed McCaleb, who started Mt. Gox and now offers Ripple, an alternative to the digital currency. [Wired]

After selling Mt. Gox, McCaleb started thinking more deeply about Bitcoin. He was a huge fan, but he thought he could so some things better. First, he wanted to do away with Bitcoin mining — the process by which computers on the network verify transactions in exchange for Bitcoins. Because miners are rewarded in proportion to the processing power they add to the network, Bitcoin mining has become a bit of an arms race, with very specialized and powerful computers now doing the bulk of the work. McCaleb, a 38-year-old surfer and Berkeley dropout from Little Rock, Arkansas, sees this as excessive. By his reckoning, there’s $160 million spent annually on mining the Bitcoin network, “which is insane,” he says. “And this isn’t something that’s going to go away. It just gets worse and worse.”

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In a Time of Hugs and Kisses: XOXO 2013

Glenn Fleishman heads to Portland for the second XOXO festival, where a maker's heart can leave the body, be shared among kindred spirits, and know that it will be cared for.

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