Science fiction from India and the Indian diaspora

Niall from the SF webzine Strange Horizons sez, "This week Strange Horizons has a special issue focusing on Indian and Indian diaspora SF. Guest curators Anil Menon and Vandana Singh select and introduce two stories — 'Runaway Cyclone', a new translation of an early Indian SF story, and 'Sheesha Ghat' by Naiyer Masud. We've also got a round-table discussion with writers and critics including Samit Basu, Arvind Mishra and Manjula Padmanabhan; a poem by and interview with Shweta Narayan; and reviews of Indian SF throughout the week."

He adds, "(And we're also in the last week of our 2013 fund drive — we're just past $8k of an $11k target to fully fund the next year of the magazine. Donations are tax-deductible in the US, and all donors get entered into a prize draw filled with books, subscriptions, artwork and other good things!)"

30 September 2013

(Thanks, Niall!)