'Destroy all Patent Trolls,' by Jonathan 'Song a Day' Mann (music video)

Man oh man, Mr. Mann. I didn't know if it was possible to adore the unfathomably prolific Jonathan "Song a Day" Mann any more, but yes, yes it is. Song a Day #1728, "Destroy all Patent Trolls." Lyrics:

When you're little you're told stories
Of trolls under bridges
They smell really bad
Eat children and pigeons
And their role as a troll
Is to make you pay a toll
And if you don't pay it
They might crush you and eat your soul

Did the troll build the bridge?
Naw, he's just a bully
He set up shop there
When he saw opportunity
The system was set up
So that he could use his brute
Force to make you do
What he wanted you to do

And that is why we say
Here in the modern day
That companies like Lodsys
Are trolls all the way
Patent trolls extort
Large companies and tiny
And when you call them trolls
They're offended and they're whiny

They don't build anything
They are lifeless soulless creatures
They glom on to creative folk
And suck away like leeches
They're a perfect symbol of our time
Their smell could not be ranker
They represent our current state
Along with investment bankers

So I say destroy

If you're not making anything
Except paper work
If it's real people making things
That you hurt
If your office is a broom closet
Somewhere in the state of texas
We'll all line up in a row
To punch you in your solar plexus


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