Stephen Fry standup at Mumbai queer open-mic night

MJ writes, "I'm part of a group called Gaysi Family. Every couple of months we host an open-mic event called Dirty Talk for the queer community in Mumbai (India). Funds raised from the event is donated to one or the two Queer support group in the city.

This year in March we were contacted by BBC team, as they wanted to film one of our events. The clipping would then be featured in one of their queer documentaries hosted by none other than well-known gay celebrity Stephen Fry. "

But what totally blew us mind was Stephen getting on the Dirty Talk stage, and performing an impromptu stand up gig. Needless to say, the audience was in awe coupled with laughter riot.

PS – Homosexuality was decriminalized in India only in 2009. However we are still fighting a legal battle in the Supreme Court of India. Final judgement is expected end of this year. *fingers crossed*.

(Thanks, MJ!)