This Day in Blogging History: Vintage ads for modern gadgets; MC Frontalot's Final Boss; EFF on Trusted Computing

One year ago today

Time-traveling designer produces 1970s ads for MP3 player, laptop, mobile phone & gameboy: Alex Varanese's "ALT/1977" post on Behance is as sweet a piece of contrafactual history as I've seen in a lifetime of pursuing this. I want to live in his timeline.

Five years ago today

MC Frontalot's Final Boss: nerdcore par excellence: MC Frontalot's new nerdcore album, Final Boss, is a perfect, catchy collection of raps and sketches about video-games, Japanese manga fandom, voting machines, and other important subjects.

Ten years ago today
EFF's Trusted Computing white-paper: eth has been briefed as an outside technical analyst by all the companies working of Trusted Computing architecture, and has had his paper vetted by some of the leading security experts in the field. This is the most exhaustive, well-reasoned, balanced analysis of Trusted Computing you can read today.